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Tommy Andersen on Fox 4 Now’s Morning Blend

Each month, Holistic Wealth Partners’ Founder and President, Tommy Andersen, joins Fox4Now’s Morning Blend to discuss the latest financial news and share tips on the importance of seeing the big picture when it comes to your holistic financial health and wealth.

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Holistic Wealth and SOFA

On this installment of Fox4Now’s Morning Blend, CEO and President Tommy Andersen talks about Holistic Wealth Partners’ membership in the Society of Financial Awareness – a nonprofit organization founded in 1993, with a mission to provide financial education across America, one community at a time.

SOFA’s members include financial advisors, estate planning attorneys, insurance professionals, accountants, realtors, mortgage brokers, credit counselors and health & wellness practitioners. Learn more about SOFA and its activities, including the no-cost workshops its members like Holistic Wealth Partners conduct throughout the community on various topics like “Are You Fiscally Fit,” “Financial Blunders,” and “Exploring Your Options for Retirement.”

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